This document describes the equipment and miscellaneous items available in Retro Pastiche. The list of potions is complete; all other lists will likely be expanded.



Types of Stuff

Not counting "story items," which have no relevance to the system, all items fall into a few specific categories:


You can only carry six of each Potion at a time, but there's a high cap for all other types of items -- let's call it 99 for now, and see if that works.

If a character briefly leaves the party, they take all their stuff with them and you're out of luck if you needed it. If a character leaves the party for a long time, though, any equipment that you have the power to change is silently dumped back into your inventory. For the main characters this means accessory and mods, but for guests it's just the accessory, since their mod slots are locked.

Costs and Rarity

Everything has a fixed value in this game. You pay that much to buy an item, and get half that much when you sell it back. Items with a listed cost of 0 cannot be sold.

Some items will have a "x" or an "u" following their costs. Items marked with an "x" cannot be purchased anywhere, while items with a "u" cannot be purchased and are unique. In both cases the cost is "wishful thinking" and is only only used to calculate the resell price.

I have no idea how costs are going to be scaled in this, so I'm just leaving everything blank for now except for the x and u indicators.


There aren't very many supplies. I tried to think of more, but this covers all the functionality I actually want, so this list probably won't grow too much. Note that virtually no supplies can be purchased in stores -- that's because potions do most of the things that consumables traditionally do in an RPG. A few things listed as unpurchaseable might be available someplace secret very lategame, but I haven't made up my mind about that.

Listing and Descriptions

[MP restore thingy]xFully restores one character's MP.
TRUFET OFFERING Completely prevents encounters.
On the overworld, prevents all random encounters until you leave the current world (by entering an area or crossing to a different world).
In a dungeon, removes all wandering enemies from the current area, as though you had defeated them all.
MEMENTO MORIxAllows you to save anywhere, once. Technically there will be a couple places where even this is disabled, but just to prevent the player from completely screwing themselves.
DOOR TO NOWHERExOpens a portal allowing you to teleport to any previously visited location, then return the way you came.
LIGHT SEEDxPermanently raises one character's HP by 6.
DARK SEEDxPermanently raises one character's MP by 1.
[other] SEEDxPermanently raises one of the recipient's stats by 2.
There are four types: Fire Seeds raise Power, Earth seeds raise Defense, Water Seeds raise Morale, and Air Seeds raise Reflexes.

Doors to Nowhere

In the above list you'll see an item called the "Door to Nowhere." This is a teleport that takes you to a major location (town or dungeon) that you've previously visited, provided that it's in the same elemental world. It's one of those teleports that actually opens a lasting portal between the two places, though. A portal appears at the location you warped to, and reentering it sends you back to the exact place you left from (which entails restoring all the map-specific logic from when you left, sadly).

It would be nice if I could just say "making a new portal overwrites the old one if it's still there." However, this could lead to getting stuck since Doors to Nowhere can't be bought or reliably found. Thus I must reluctantly declare that all portals remain open until you go back through them. If there's a practical hard limit on this, I'll have to just force the player to go back through some open portals before creating any new ones.

Obviously there will be some places where this doesn't work, and I plan to include some contingencies where you're like "You can't run away now!" if you try to use it at a ridiculous time. Technically a Door to Nowhere can take you anywhere that anyone in your party has previously visited, so judicious use of NPC cockblocking will be required in order to keep the plot on the rails.


Mods are the most important type of equipment. Each character has only a handful of skills, and changing skills is prohibitively difficult, so you need mods to inject some diversity into your repertoire. For the most part they aren't very exciting, but used at the right time, with the right skills, they can be quite powerful.


Not every mod can be used with every skill. For instance, a mod that increases Accuracy is useless on a skill that always succeeds. A few combinations are banned for reasons of balance or simplicity, as well.

What's more complicated is that sometimes a mod is relevant for either the regular or supermove mode, but not both. To continue the above example, a move might have an 80% chance of success normally, but always work when used as a supermove. As long as the mod is legal for at at least one of the skill's modes, it can be used with that skill. However, it has no effect when the skill is used in the other mode.

Mods that influence action timing have pretty complex usability rules, so I'm going to just lay that out here. These mods can only be used on skills without special timing directions (Act First, Act Firster, Act Last, Act When Declared, or Combo Action). Additionally, they can't be used with Assist or Focus

Listing and Descriptions

CostUsable WithEffect
[element] GEMall other elementsChanges the skill to the gem's element.
† Cost differs for Light, Dark, and others.
LODESTONEallThe skill has double the usual effect on elemental affinities (not including changes due to its actual effect).
PERFECT SPHEREallThe skill does not decrease the affinity of the element it opposes.
CostUsable WithEffect
[type] CREST Four items that change the skill's attribute. The types are Warrior Crest (Offense), Noble Crest (Defense), Cleric Crest (Morale), and Peasant Crest (Agility).
† Usable with all skills except Sacrifice, Universal, and those of the same attribute.
HERO CRESTuSacrifice onlyAlthough the skill remains a Sacrifice skill, it imposes no attribute penalty when used. Yes, that means this can only be used with Vivify and Focus.
[Sacrifice Extender]xThe skill's attribute changes to Sacrifice, but the skill now targets an entire party. Non-combat usage is unaffected.
† Usable only with non-Sacrifice skills that are legal targets for Extend in at least one of their two forms.
CostUsable WithEffect
IRON HEARTnon-X PotencyThe skill's Potency is multiplied by 1.25. Secondary effects with a Potency also benefit.
STEEL HEARTxnon-X PotencyThe skill's Potency is multiplied by 1.5. Secondary effects with a Potency also benefit.
MAGIC ARROWAccuracy < 100 †The skill's Accuracy is increased by (100 - base Acc)/2, and its critical hit rate (if any) is doubled. Secondary effects with an Accuracy also benefit.
† Except Siphon and Throw.
VAJRAuAccuracy < 100 †The skill's Accuracy is raised to 100 (if it's an attack) or X (if not). Secondary effects with an Accuracy also benefit.
† Except Siphon and Throw.
GLASS BANGLEnon-X Potency or Acc < 100 The skill's Potency is multiplied by 4 and its Accuracy is raised to 100 (if it's an attack) or X (if not). However, the Glass Bangle is destroyed as soon as the skill is used in a form where these benefits are relevant. Note that this does work with Siphon and Throw.
MISTLETOEAttacks with non-X AccuracyThe skill does 4x damage on a critical hit, rather than 2x as usual.
FIGHTING SPIRITuallYou can always use this skill as a supermove, even if you're Sealed or have no MP left. Non-combat usage is unaffected.
FIRST DAY'S DAWN0uSlashThis skill is Light-elemental, its Potency is doubled, and it has a 100% critical hit rate against Dark-type enemies (that is, it criticals for sure if it hits at all).
CostUsable WithEffect
ANGEL FEATHER(see above)Adds the Act First property to the skill.
RESTRAINTS(see above)Adds the Act Last property to the skill.
CostUsable WithEffect
[impair] MARKattacks onlyThis is five separate mods, one for each of the impairments. If it connects, the enhanced attack adds that impairment at Acc 20. If the attack already adds the impairment, both effects are rolled separately. Multiple-hit attacks reroll for each hit.
[impair] SIGILattacks onlyIdentical to the [impair] Marks, but the impairment is added at Acc 33.
DOOM MARKxattacks onlyIdentical to the [impair] Marks, but instantly KOs the target. There is also a DOOM SIGIL which has Acc 33 and a different (but also undecided) cost.


About Accessories

Many Accessories raise your stats, so they're the closest thing the game has to "regular" RPG equipment. However, because of the way the stat systems work they don't degrade in usefulness -- a +2 bonus is just as good whether your stat is 20 or 200, provided you're fighting enemies of around your level. Since there's no need to have 20 versions of each stat-boosting item, there aren't as many accessories as you might think.

As with skills, accessories are commonly usable by only specific characters. I'm listing which main characters can equip which accessories; again a * indicates that everyone can use the item. This leaves out the information on secondary characters, but, uh...I'll work something out for them later.

Talents work like accessories, but they're innate: characters come with one talent built-in and it can't be removed. For simplicity, though, I'm including those here as well. I haven't decided on most of them yet in any case.

Listing and Descriptions

LIGHT ARMOR* Defense +4, Morale +2.
MAIL VEST* Defense +8, Morale +4.
[crazy awesome armor]* Defense +12, Morale +6.
HEAVY ARMORKE Power +2, Defense +6, Reflexes -6.
KNIGHT'S ARMORKE Power +4, Defense +12, Reflexes -12.
NOBLE ARMORKE Power +6, Defense +18, Reflexes -18.
BANDANNARF Defense +2, Reflexes +5.
LUCKY CAPRF Defense +4, Reflexes +10.
SILK SCARFRF Defense +6, Reflexes +15.
DAMASCUS EDGEKE Power +12. (Possibly rename this to something in-setting?)
RITUAL BEADSKR Power +2, Morale +3.
PRAYER BOOKKR Power +4, Morale +6.
SACRED MYSTERYKR Power +6, Morale +9.
HORNET SHOTF Power +3, critical hit rate doubled.
MAGNUM ROUNDSF Power +6, critical hit rate doubled.
SILVER BULLETSF Power +9, critical hit rate doubled.
HEALTH CHARM*Morale +8, Regen +2.
DOCTOR'S BAG*uPower +5. Adds Skilled status (Use Power instead of Morale for healing skills.)
ASCETIC'S CILICE*uDefense +5. Adds Fortitude status (Use Defense instead of Morale to resist debuffs.)
FOOL'S CAP*uMorale +5. Adds Confidence status (Use Morale instead of Reflexes to evade attacks.)
PICADOR'S LANCE*uReflexes +5. Adds Finesse status (Use Reflexes instead of Power to inflict debuffs.)
BEZOAR*Morale +5. Prevents Poison.
[Wound prevention thing]*Morale +5. Prevents Wound.
AMULET*Morale +5. Prevents Curse.
THIRD EYE*Morale +5. Prevents Blind.
TEFILLIN*Morale +5. Prevents Seal.
["Ribbon"]*xPrevents instant death and all impairments.
EXPLORER'S PACK*Adds Stamina status: Your first supermove of each battle is free.
BESTIARY*Adds Sensor status: You can see enemies' HP/MP when targeting them with any character.
[Encounter assist]*Reflexes +5. Adds Caution status: Decreases the chance of being ambushed and increases the chance of surprising the enemy.
VOID SOUL*Adds Neutral status: Weakness is always 0, regardless of elemental affinities.
GUARDIAN ANGEL*Adds Insurance status: You revive with full HP when KOd, but then the accessory breaks.
DEFENDEREZRAAdds Cover status: As long as this character is still standing, the party gets two Defend attribute bonuses and one Agility attribute bonus during any turn in which they're ambushed or failed to run.
LIFESIGHTFINNAdds Lifesight status: As long as this character is still standing, you can see enemies' HP/MP as with the Bestiary.
OPPORTUNISTJENSAdds Opportunist status: All money earned from enemies is multiplied by 1.25.
WELLSPRINGALF & BETHPoison is cured after battles (Depoison status). Regen +1.
ILLIMITABLELOA Adds Teleport status: As long as this character is still standing, you have a 100% escape chance from any battle that can be escaped.
REPAIR SYSTEMLILYPrevents Poison. After battles, impairments are cured and MP are fully restored (Repair status).
BLITZKRIEGSETHAdds Blitzkrieg status: The chance of surprising the enemy increases, and you get +3 Offense bonuses on surprise rounds.