Lunar Mecha Tactical Document (v1.1)



This file lists the Stances and Formations available to mecha and some kaiju.

Stances provide small-scale personal benefits that apply any time you aren't disabled or KOd. You can choose a stance at the beginning of a fight, and change it with an action. Only a handful of oddball special cases can cause you to lose your stance, at which point you have to use a stance change action to get it back even if you fix the offending condition.

Formations provide dramatic benefits for all characters who are "in formation." However, a party can only have one formation at a time -- anyone who isn't doing that formation is in the Random (unordered) non-formation. A character who is disabled, KOd or immobilized falls out of formation and needs a Formation Change action to get back in. Luckily, the Formation Change action can be performed by any party member on behalf of the entire party (or at least anyone who wants to participate).

Stances are pretty straightforward, but Formations have some special traits that need to be discussed.

If this box is checked, only a character with special training (represented by a Pilot Edge) can use the Formation Change action to initiate this formation. Anyone can adopt the formation when the action is used, though.
The minimum number of participants. If, at any time, fewer than this many people are holding the formation, it collapses instantly and everyone gets dumped back to Random.


Hang BackYou can't be targeted by the other party's Close-range actions, though actions that target a large number of allies may still hit you incidentally. If you use any Close-range action on someone from the enemy party you immediately fall out of stance.
StonewallWhen Defending (or benefiting from some effect that mimics defense, like the Also Defend skill or the Guardian Spirit Edge), you reduce incoming damage by 75% rather than 50%.
GuardPick any other unit on your side, or an entire group of human-sized characters, to protect. That unit can't be targeted by the other party's Close-range actions, but if it uses any Close-range actions on enemies, you fall out of the Guard stance. Switching which unit you're protecting requires a stance change. As with Hang Back, guarded units can still be incidentally hit by Close actions that hit entire groups and can target someone in the group.
DodgeYou have +50% Evade.
MeleeYour damaging Close actions are +1 PL, but your damaging Ranged actions are -1 PL.
Berserk+1 PL to all actions, you fall out of stance instantly if you delay your action or perform any action that does not either damage or impair an enemy. ("Impairment" includes stuff like dispel and provoke as well as status effects and crippling.) If you end the stance by performing a non-offensive action, you don't get the PL bonus to that action.
This Stance is incompatible with any Formation except Random; you fall out of formation when you use it and must become stanceless if you adopt a formation while Berserk.
AimYou have +100% Hit and Accuracy, but are immobile (0 Evade).


Tight3All units in formation can be targeted with a single Line-area ability. Units that are immune to Close-range actions (because of the Hang Back stance, etc.) gain the benefits of defending at all times (doesn't stack with actual defending).
Evasive2Units have +100% Evade and their Evade is not penalized by Line- and Party-area abilities.
Spread1Units in formation can only be targeted individually by Party-range abilities -- they either hit just a single unit in formation or hit all units not in formation, at the attacker's option. Global-range abilities function normally.
Holding2Units that are currently delaying their actions have doubled evasion and resistance and gain the benefits of defending, as if their pilots had the Canny Fighter and Guardian Spirit Edges. Doesn't stack with those Edges.
WallX3Physical defense +2. Fortitude is doubled.
MandalaX3All elemental defenses +2. Spirit is doubled.
AllianceX3Any unit in formation may Intercept for any other without actually using an action, even if it's not capable of acting then. You can even intercept for units not in the formation, and when protecting a group of human-sized characters you can block an entire Line-based attack against them alone. The interception must still be legal, of course.
SkirmishX2Units may counterattack any close-range action that targets them in lieu of (and using the same rules as) a Reply. The counter is a normal attack using any equipped weapon and can't be modded.
AssaultX1+1 PL to solo Supermoves. If every unit participating in a combo Supermove is in formation, they get +1 PL per unit involved. (If even one unit in a combo Supermove is out of formation there's no bonus).
ConvergeX3Pick a particular enemy. All units in formation get +1 PL to all hostile actions that target that enemy and no others. Changing the enemy requires changing formation.