Lunar Mecha Edge Document (v1.1)


A note on Edges with Level requirements -- although you can take these for double cost before you reach that level, as with any Edge whose stat requirements you fail to meet, you don't get anything back once you reach the expected level. Therefore it's extremely inefficient to take such an Edge before you reach the expected Level.

General Edges

Mins: none

When you take Synergy, pick another party member with whom you have a close bond. You may be good friends or simply work expertly together. This teamwork has a variety of benefits.
In normal combat, when you lend mods to the other person or he lends mods to you, the modded ability is at +1 PL (assuming PL matters for it). If you're the one lending the mod, the number of mods you can lend increases by one. Similarly, when one of you Replies on behalf of the other, that Reply is at +1 PL.
When using a Combo Supermove in mecha combat, your Will requirements for the move are reduced by 1 for each person in the Combo with whom you have Synergy. The other participants' requirements are unaffected unless they also have Synergy. Note that Combo Supermoves do not get a PL bonus from Synergy.
You can take this Edge for as many people as you like, but only once per person. If multiple cooperating parties have it for each other, though, all relevant Synergy bonuses apply. If a character with whom you have Synergy leaves for good or for a very long time, you're entitled to trade the Edge in for its SP value.

Combat Expertise
Mins: (Mus + Dex + Kin) 35

You are either a natural with a weapon in hand or have been heavily trained. You are a more versatile fighter than most and can fine-tune your attacks to the needs of the situation.
You can apply one more Mod than usual to your Attack actions. The default is one. You can purchase this Edge as many times as you please.

Magic Expertise
Mins: (Int + Tal + Har) 35

You are trained not only in potent casting but also in clever spellweaving; you understand the underlying elements that tie all magic together. This gives you a broader palette than most mages with comparable skill groups.
You can apply one more Mod than usual to your Spell actions. The default is one. You can purchase this Edge as many times as you please.

Mins: (Sta + Agi + Awa) 35

You are skilled at turning the situation to your advantage. Your quick wits and breadth of experience allow you to do several things at once and do one thing better than most.
You can apply one more Mod than usual to actions other than attacking and Spell skills. The default is one. Note that Supermoves are unmoddable by any means. You can purchase this Edge as many times as you please.

Gambit Use
Mins: (Agi + Awa) 25

You can think on your feet and react quickly, and you have learned to apply this talent to your combat skills, allowing you to gain the advantage the moment a fight breaks out.
At the beginning of any fight in which you were not taken by surprise, you may activate any one Action- or Spell-type skill with the Gambit-OK property instantaneously at double the usual MP cost. This does not count as performing an action, so your position in the action order is unaffected and you can't use mods to further alter the ability.
Only defensive and support abilities are Gambit-OK. You should consult the skill document to see which such skills you might actually get before deciding whether it's worth picking this Edge.

Gambit Mastery
Mins: (Agi + Awa) 35
Prereq: Gambit Use

When activating a Gambit as per the Gambit Use rules, you need only pay the normal cost of the skill rather than double.

Mins: none

Like all the main characters, you've been trained in combat, but you're also especially skilled in tasks well outside the purview of battle. You have a broader selection of miscellaneous talents than most people.
You can choose two more Proficiencies. As with the chargen proficiencies, you can double up to represent tremendous ability. You can take this Edge as many times as you wish. If you have 25 Talent or Harmony, however, you would be better served by the Polymath Edge.

Mins: Tal 25  or  Har 25

Like all the main characters, you've been trained in combat, but you're also especially skilled in tasks well outside the purview of battle. You have a broader selection of miscellaneous talents than most people.
The Polymath Edge is identical to Talented except in that it provides three extra Proficiencies rather than two. As with Talented, you can take it repeatedly.

Enemy Encyclopedia
Mins: (Int + Awa) 30

You have basic information on all manner of creatures, and your keen senses can discern the traits of even those opponents about which you know nothing. You may have spent time in the wilderness or serving as a team's Calculator, and you have surely undergone extensive studies. Although you haven't encountered most of the creatures you know about, your basic knowledge is enough to give you and your allies an advantage.
The GM gives you basic information on the strengths, weaknesses, and/or tactics of any foe you encounter. This comes as soon as possible, maybe even before a battle. The information is much less than can be gained from an Analyze skill, but comes free and works on any opponent, even those that are completely unknown.
If multiple party members have this Edge, the GM provides one of the following pieces of information (her choice) for each additional person with the Edge: Level, cur/max HP, cur/max MP, defense values, primary stats, secondary stats other than HP/MP, status resistances/immunities, skill groups (or general types of power), current buffs/debuffs/enchantments, Breakage thresholds, and Edges and other miscellaneous bonuses.

Technique Assessment
Mins: (Int + Awa) 35 or Agi 20
Prereq: Enemy Encyclopedia

Your mastery of tactics and combat allows you to instantly perceive your opponents' style and abilities. You realize what he is doing the moment he begins to do it, allowing you precious moments to react.
As long as one active (not disabled or KOd) party member has this Edge, the party can ask questions about an action being used by an enemy before the action resolves. Normally you don't know anything about an ability other than its name and type (mod, spell, etc) until you've seen it used once. This makes activating some Replies risky -- for example, you might activate a fire-defense Reply without actually knowing that the ability is fire-elemental or even that it deals damage. If someone has this Edge, you can first ask what element the ability is.

Coup de Grace
Mins: Dex 20 or (Kin + Har) 35

Pity the helpless foe before your blade! Given a clean shot, you can sever life with a single elegant stroke.
If you have a chance to roll a critical against an Evade 0 opponent, you do so automatically.

Canny Fighter
Mins: Agi 10, Awa 10, (Int + Agi + Awa) 35

You hang back or dance around in combat, staying on the defensive while waiting for an opening. While on guard you're especially difficult to hit.
Your Evade, Fortitude and Spirit are doubled while you are delaying your action, and this benefit extends to mecha you pilot. Note that if hit with a status effect while delaying your higher resistance will lead to a shorter duration even after you take action. Note that this benefit applies to mecha combat as well, in which case it doubles the mech's Evade, Fortitude, and Spirit.

Guardian Spirit
Mins: Int 10, (Sta + Kin) 20
Prereq: Canny Fighter

You fight battles on your own terms, however long it takes. As long as you keep your wits about you you are as stable as a mountain.
While delaying your action you get the benefits of Defending (i.e. incoming damage is halved). This doesn't count as a Defend action for the purposes of Mod skills, however.

Last Resort
Mins: (Mus + Int + Har) 25

Even when an attack brings you to your knees you retain enough control to lash out or redouble your defenses.
Pick a post-type Reply you know. You can use that Reply even against an action that rendered it unusable (by KOing you, draining your MP, Addling you, putting you to sleep, or whatever), assuming it was usable before the offending action. If you use the Reply in this way you must pay triple its usual cost.
You may buy this Edge many times, applying it to a different Reply each time. However, the stat minimum required increases by 10 each time you learn it.

Last Word
Mins: Level 15

In a clash of mighty powers, you stand your ground. Yours is a defense so resolute that even an unstoppable force cannot budge it.
Pick a Reply you know. When invoking the Reply on yourself, you can use that Reply even against Final actions, which normally prohibit Replies. Using the Reply in this way costs triple the usual amount. You can only gain this benefit when using the Reply for yourself (though it may incidentally help others if it is L or P range), and only when using it directly rather than via a delayed Reply effect like the Held Reply or Lasting Reply skills. Retroactive Reply cannot benefit from Last Word.
Only one Reply can ever receive the benefits of Last Word, so be careful about your choice. Even the most powerful legendary figures can have only one recourse against a Final attack.

Fighter Edges

Some of these might be broadened to apply to both kinds of combat once I figure out how mecha combat works, and thereby made General. We'll see.

Use Mystic Armor
Mins: Mus 5, (Mus + Sta) 10, (Int + Tal) 30

You have the magical background required to attune to enchanted light armor, which has high elemental defense and often benefits from eccentric special effects.

Use Mail
Mins: Mus 10, (Mus + Sta) 25

You can wear mail, the standard armor for most of the world. It has unremarkable elemental defense but provides fairly good physical defense.

Use Plate
Mins: Mus 15, (Mus + Sta) 35
Prereq: Use Mail

You are one of the few trained to wear heavy plate mail. This armor provides excellent defense against physical attacks and good defense against elemental attacks.

Mins: Dex 5, (Mus + Dex) 15

Due to extensive combat training or natural aptitude (or, more likely, a bit of each), you can pick up any weapon -- or anything that could be used as a weapon -- and wield it with skill.
You can use any weapon effectively, even if you've never seen it before. If you can find some object lying around that would make a good improvised weapon, you can wield it as a weapon with no traits.

Two-Handed Style
Mins: Mus 20

When holding a weapon in both hands you can split stones and skulls with ease. You don't need this Edge to use a weapon two-handed -- rather, the Edge represents a refined technique that combines force with balance and precision.
As long as you have an accessory slot free, your equipped close-range weapons grant +30% Atk per Strong trait they possess (rather than +20%). This is a part of the weapon bonus, so it is doubled by Temper. It doesn't matter whether the attacks you make are close-range or long-range, as long as the weapon itself lacks the Ranged property.

[Status] Resistance
Mins: (Mus + Sta) 20 for physical effects, (Int + Tal) 20 for mental effects

Your natural resilience and will grant you a measure of protection against one of the eight status effects: Poison, Blind, Bind, Petrify, Addle, Sleep, Taint, or Stun. The first four are physical and the last four are mental.
You have resistance to the effect chosen, which doubles your resistance stat against it for the purposes of both avoiding it in the first place and shaking it off once affected. You can take this Edge separately for each effect. Note that if you have one of the rare mecha susceptible to the normal status effects, this Edge only protects you, not your mech.

[Status] Immunity
Mins: (Mus + Sta) 25 for physical effects, (Int + Tal) 25 for mental effects
Prereq: [Status] Resistance for same effect

You are so inured to a particular impairment that you need never fear its effects.
You have complete immunity to the effect chosen and can never be afflicted with it. You can take this Edge separately for each effect. Note that if you have one of the rare mecha susceptible to the normal status effects, this Edge only protects you, not your mech.

Improved Evasion
Mins: Agi 15

Whether through luck, intuition, or acrobatic feats, you are good at not being where an attack is. You can dive away from an explosion and pick yourself up without a scratch.
Your Evade is not penalized for being the target of a Line- or Party-range attack ability.

Iron Fists
Mins: (Mus + Dex) 25

You're tough as nails. Through arduous training you have turned your bare hands into lethal weapons that can never be taken away from you.
You receive an Attack bonus of +(Sta*2)% when unarmed. This means "with no weapon equipped," as opposed to "with a weapon that happens to fit on your hand." As an additional benefit, you may select one of the seven weapon descriptors (Rounded, Brutal, Defensive, Fast, Elegant, Mystic, Shot) to apply to your unarmed attacks. This lets you use "Weapon: Unarmed" as the skill focus for the appropriate weapon skill group.

Dual Focus
Mins: (Int + Tal) 40
Prereq: Combat Expertise or Magic Expertise or Versatility

You have built a unique fusion of styles around one of your skill groups. Although the complexities of the method make the skills more difficult to perform, they are especially potent.
Pick a particular skill group. You have an additional Focus of your choice for that group. The drawbacks of both Foci apply simultaneously to all the group's skills, but the skills cost half as many MP to use. This bonus only applies in normal combat.
You can take this Focus as many times as you like, but only once for each group.

Elemental Imbalance
Mins: none

Humans have a natural elemental balance that provides them with a single innate point of defense in every elemental defense stat. You're a bit quirky, however -- you've got a strange mixture. It's not unusual enough to be really bizarre, and most people with the condition live their entire lives without even knowing about it, but it could come in handy with elemental attacks flying around in battle.
You can move up to three points of elemental defenses around, but you can't reduce any defense stat below 0.
Note that, despite their elemental alignment, dragons in human form needn't have this trait, and an imbalanced human is no more than slightly quirky.

Elegant Arsenal
Mins: (Dex + Agi) 40

Most people pick one type of gear they like and stick with it; this is true even among soldiers, who are trained in a selection of martial arts. Not you, though. You realize that different situations call for different tools, and you've trained to make sure that you're never caught unprepared.
When you take your action, you can automatically equip, remove, or swap a single accessory or weapon. You can choose to make the switch either immediately before or immediately after your action; the only restriction is that you can't change your weapon in the same action as you attack (without relying on other methods).
Unusually for a Fighter Edge, this benefit does extend to mecha combat. However, only Plug-In type mech parts can be swapped in a hurry, and it's very uncommon to carry spare mech parts around since they're large and bulky and since mecha have a lot of slots to begin with.

My Favorite Things
Mins: Agi 5, (Sta + Agi) 25

You can equip more accessories for some reason. Since it's not really explained why a person can only equip two accessories to begin with, I'm not going to attempt to rationalize this ICly.
You can equip accessories in your weapon and armor slots. Of course, this prevents you from having the normal thing in those slots, but occasionally it's worthwhile, and accessories are easier to carry around with you than weapons and armor since they're usually small and unobtrusive.

Limit Break
Mins: Level 5

Like a feral animal, you are most dangerous when cornered. When you buy this Edge, pick a basic action you can perform (like "attack" or "use item") or a Spell or Action skill you know. If you have 25% or less of your HP in normal combat and the fight would be worth at least a -2 Will reduction if it were in mecha, you may execute a more advanced version of that action in lieu of the normal form.
A Limit Break action functions identically to a normal action except for two things: you can apply any number of mods to it, all such mods have their MP cost doubled, and once the action has resolved you fall to 0 MP.

Mins: (Sta + Mus) 20

There's no denying your spirit and stubbornness. You may not always win, but you give as good as you get, and no one can keep you down for long.
You don't "fall out" of the action order when KOd (though obviously you still can't act). If you are revived before being KOd causes you to miss a turn, you act whenever you next come up in the order, just as if you'd never been KOd at all. If you missed an action while at 0 HP, you get to act immediately after being revived, and that becomes your new position in the order.

Pilot Edges (Normal)

Formation Leader
Mins: (Kin + Awa) 15

You have trained extensively in mech-based formation fighting and know several specialized formations. Although the entire party can benefit from these advanced formations, only a pilot with this special training can execute the Formation Change action on behalf of the group.
You know two of the specialized formations (Wall, Mandala, Alliance, Skirmish, Assault, and Converge). You can take this Edge more than once, picking a different two Formations each time. Collect them all!

Potent Supermoves
Mins: (Kin + Har) 25

You can channel incredible power into a deadly attack or invincible defense. Although you must still pay the usual amount when learning Supermoves, you can learn Supermoves of 1 level higher than you would normally be able to.
Aside from this edge, your Level and Supermove Natural traits determine the maximum level of your Supermoves.

Mins: none

In the most dire circumstances, when things look the worst, your spirit burns brightly. Your willpower and training allow you to pull yourself up from the brink of defeat and strike back.
All Will requirements are -1 when you or your mech are at 0 HP.

Improved Desperation
Mins: (Kin + Awa + Har) 46
Prereq: Desperation

The Will cost reduction from Desperation increases to -2.

Mins: Kin 5, (Kin + Awa) 15

When you stand alone against your foes, you are stalwart. You can take on many opponents alone, and if you choose to fly with allies you can continue fighting with the prowess of a team even if you're the last man standing.
If you are fighting solo, or if all your allies are either disabled or at 0 HP, your Will requirements are -2. Allies are considered to be "disabled" if they suffer from Sleep, Stone, or total wreckage, as well as any other effect that prevents them from acting.
There is an additional benefit: the first time each ally is reduced to 0 HP in a given fight, you gain 1 Will. That is, you can get this bonus separately for separate allies, but only once per ally per fight.

Mins: none

You are spurred to success by a fierce determination. Setbacks only increase your resolve, and you see even an invincible enemy as a challenge rather than an obstacle.
Whenever a Supermove of yours (or a Combo Supermove that you are part of) fails utterly -- by missing, inflicting no damage or impairments, or whatever -- you gain Will equal to the move's Level.

Slow Burn
Mins: (Awa + Har) 15

You may sometimes let an opponent goad you into acting rashly, but you're at your best when you move with a steady determination toward victory. Like a freight train, it takes you a while to build up steam, but once you have, nothing can stop you.
Whenever your Escalation increases by exactly one, you gain 1 Will.

Mechanical Instinct
Mins: Har 15, (Har + Awa) 30

You are at home behind the controls of any vehicle or computer. You just seem to instinctively understand how things work. You might make the odd mistake, but what little you can't intuit you pick up with amazing speed. You probably picked up the rudiments of piloting very quickly, and you can use any functional machine for its intended purpose, even ancient lost technology.
You never suffer the untrained penalty for using a mecha you are unfamiliar with. Furthermore, you can understand and operate any mechanical device you run into as though you had received basic training in its use, even if you've never seen it before.

Mins: Har 10, (Har + Kin) 25

You have an intimate bond with one particular mech, earned through extensive experience and study. The mech is like a second skin to you, and you have a profound knowledge of its needs and inner workings.
When recharging the soulbonded mech, you can give it MP on a 1-for-1 basis, rather than the usual 2 MP per point recharged. If you lead repairs on that mech, the repair time is halved.
You may take Soulbond separately for any number of mecha. If a mech to which you are Soulbonded is permanently lost or destroyed, you have the right to reclaim the SP.

Shared Spirit
Mins: Har 10, Kin 15
Prereq: Soulbond for same mech

You are so experienced with your mech of choice that, when piloting it, you can act without thought or hesitation. The bond between pilot and machine is so tight that piloting feels more natural than fighting on foot.
When piloting the mecha for which the Edge was chosen, your Pilot Level is treated as being 10 higher than it really is, even if this brings it above 30.
You may take Shared Spirit separately for any number of mecha. If a mech for which you have this Edge is permanently lost or destroyed, you have the right to reclaim the SP.

Engineer Training
Mins: none

Although all military pilots learn basic repair and maintenance techniques for their mecha, most students become either pilots or engineers and place little emphasis on the other area. You are an exception. You have as much pilot training as your peers but are also well-schooled in engineering. Given the right equipment you can perform all but the most exotic repairs and modifications to mecha, and your talents extend to general magitech and mundane technology. You would be a valuable asset on any field team.
You are considered a skilled engineer for the purposes of determining the difficulty of repairs. With above-average tools and an assistant or two you can repair mecha at the "Good" level of ability, whereas field teams are usually stuck at the "Basic" level. An entire team of people with this Edge working in a well-equipped facility can even repair at the "Ideal" level of ability.

Ghetto Rigger
Mins: Awa 10 or Har 20

Over the years, you've become adept at holding stuff together with gum and tape. All pilots and machinists pick up this skill to some extent -- advanced machinery is invaluable and supplies move slowly when they move at all. You can do it better than most, however. Maybe you owned your own mech and were too poor to afford proper parts, or maybe you spent some time in an out-of-the-way location. Your improvisations and jury-rigs are often as good as someone else's regular work.
In system terms, this Edge allows you to use as much Scrap as you want when conducting repairs; furthermore, repairs involving Scrap only take twice as long as usual. (Everyone else is limited to using a single piece per repair job and it takes them four times as long.) Since Scrap is dirt cheap and easy to come by, it's always economically prudent for you to repair with Scrap. However, using a lot of junky materials will give your mech an improvised, shoddy look, which may reflect poorly on you depending on your circumstances.
This Edge may confer other, general benefits when performing repairs and crafting -- for example, reducing the amount or quality of raw materials you need to build something -- but this can be adjudicated on a case-by-case basis.

Varied Stylist
Mins: none

Every pilot has his own way of piloting, but few hone an effective personal style. Of those few, most are wholly dedicated to their method and couldn't pilot any other way if they tried. You're a rarity among rarities, however, one of the handful of pilots capable of learning radically different piloting methods and switching freely between them.
You may buy as many Piloting Style Edges as you wish, whereas other characters are limited to one. You can still only use one at a time, but can choose which one to start out each fight with, and may switch between them as an action in combat.
Note that, due to their demanding stat minimums, Piloting Styles cost double to learn for everyone but Pilot-oriented characters.

Pilot Edges (Piloting Styles)

All the following Pilot Edges are Piloting Styles. They have the following special traits:

Style: Loose Cannon

You've undergone the usual military training: you know how to fight in formation and wage war in a tactical and coordinated manner. You know what, though? The hell with it. You're at your best when you shut your mind off and allow your animal rage to guide you. You can launch a maniacal assault that leaves enemies scattered like leaves.

When piloting in the Berserk stance, the stance's PL bonus is increased to +2, you can use one more mod than usual on your Attack actions, and if an action you perform while Berserk reduces an enemy to 0 HP you gain +1 Will (total, not per enemy). The Will bonus only applies if the target was above 0 HP to begin with.

Style: Efficient

Your intimate knowledge of mechs' hardware allows you to squeeze every drop of energy out of them. You know all the tricks for stretching out your limited supply of power and fighting with simple, minimalist movements.

While piloting, any skill that costs 6 or fewer MP before any adjustments are made is reduced to 1 MP. Further MP cost reductions do not apply, but Ward Break does increase the reduced cost to 2 MP. Additionally, when performing a long-term task in which power supply is an issue (like flight), you can keep your mech going twice as long.

Style: Tactical

When you're behind the controls of a mech, you can make the most out of any situation. You're an expert at exploiting situational factors and applying your abilities in innovative ways.

While piloting, you can use one more mod than usual on any action, either when modding your own actions or lending mods to an ally. Supermoves still can't be modded, however.

Style: Steady

You have an uncanny balance and elegance that allows you to pilot a clattering rustbucket across a rickety bridge or recover smoothly from enemy assaults or system failure. You could probably run in a mech even if its gyros were disabled. You've built a style around this ability, and it gives your mech the ability to shake off injuries and pitfalls that would doom a lesser pilot.

Instead of being calculated based on Toughness, your mech's base Armor is the sum of your Fortitude and Spirit. Armor enhancements can further increase this value as usual. Assuming average stats across the board, this actually reduces your Armor, but items and Features that enhance Fortitude/Spirit are much easier to come by than those that enhance Toughness, and you can use Replies like Expert Resist that temporarily improve those stats to increase your Armor versus a single hit.

Style: Instinctive

Like a zen archer, you allow your muscle memory and mechanical rapport to carry you through actions that would otherwise require forethought. You aren't frenzied like the Loose Cannon; instead, you have a calm, confident gestalt that carries you faithfully through the rounds of battle.

For the purposes of calculating your Hit, Accuracy, and Reaction when piloting, add half your Harmony to the base stat. Your mech can't be Arm Broken or Head Broken by called shots.

Style: Opportunistic

You always pick the ideal place and moment to strike. As long as you can spot a window of opportunity, you can exploit it, however small it may be. You are nearly immune to the tunnel vision that overcomes other combatants; you cut through the fog of war to see the optimal time to strike and can exploit even momentary weaknesses in the ebb and flow of combat.

For the purposes of calculating your Wisdom and Hit when piloting, add half your Awareness to the base stat. Your mech can't be Ward Broken by called shots.

Style: Unpredictable

Whether because your tactics are too complex for them to understand or because you don't decide what you're going to do until the moment you do it, your opponents can never predict your actions. Even when you do the obvious, you find an unexpected way to pull it off. The seemingly chaotic nature of your actions demoralizes and confuses foes.

For the purposes of calculating your Evade, Reaction, Fortitude, and Spirit when piloting, add half your Kinesthesia to the base stat. Your mech can't be Leg Broken or Body Broken by called shots.

Style: Reserved

You can launch a withering assault without overcommitting. If the big guns don't do the trick, you have no trouble backing off and re-assessing the fight. You deploy your ultimate attacks more as a strategic plan than as a hot-blooded frenzy. You might not be the flashiest fighter on the field, but in a long encounter you're likely to outlast the rest.

When you use a Supermove, your Escalation is set to one less than that move's level (minimum zero), rather than being set to the move's level as usual. Characters who combo with you receive this benefit for the combo move as well. This means you can actually reduce your Escalation gradually by using successively weaker moves.